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This book is the sequel to LOVE IS WOMAN which is a reflection on the importance of man to show his love for women in general, in relation with his well-being. By feeling good with the woman around us, we can more easily have a healthy relationship as a couple.

LOVING MAN, concerns the couple's reason for being: affection. This, in fulfilling a physical need of safety, gives us pleasurable well-being and favors the maintenance of good physical and mental health.

The body has a conscience itself which pushes the individual to act unconsciously to satisfy its needs. For this, we must know how to give in to its spontaneity from our conscience.

So that abandon is possible, it is essential to establish a secure relationship with our partner by the love which we give her.


First part: The theoretic section
1- The definition of affection
2- Love as the beginning
3- Physical abandon
4- Self esteem
5- Spontaneous and the uncontrollable or the physiology of security
6- Odors and emotional communication
7- The role of feminine curves in affection
8- Gestures

Second part: The exercise section
9- Psychological preparation
10- Physical preparation
11- Solo exercises
12- Exercises for the couple

Third part: Conclusion
13- Towards a new man-woman relationship


To benefit from reading this book, it is important to know what to expect. Thus, it is more a testimony of the love of man towards women than a psychology report with an exhaustive summary of all the studies completed in this field. This is why you will find no reference to authors in this book.

Being a very passionate person, it is with passion that I open myself up to the woman who motivated me to write this book. In fact, passion is the fuel of love. It is thus due to her that I found the energy to complete this project which was the creation of over a thousand hours of writing spread over two years. Passion was also at the origin of my inspiration because it helped me find ideas and develop them.

I let my imagination run wild without taking in account what others might think about a romantic relation. On the other hand, I have a pretty good self-esteem to consider myself a good and intelligent person and that my thoughts are as valid as anyone else's. Like everyone who I have come into contact with has given me things which has helped me evolve, I also am an extraordinary person who can help others progress in life.

In a plan of exploration and introspection, there lies the risk of elaborating thoughts and ideas which can be discussed. But the most important thing for me is to make you think and verify if what I say can be applied to your reality. My goal is not to research absolute truths, but simply to better understand life. Thus, I hope that reading this book will let you nourish your thoughts to better understand yourself and to appreciate life.

In this sense, I will call on your intelligence and not on your knowledge which can come from different sources of information. So, avoid comparing my ideas to those of other authors. Rather, make an effort to understand me in relation to your emotional experiences. My style of writing and my way of leading up to things should stimulate your curiosity and your ability to think. I use affirmative language because I don't doubt what I think. It is you, the reader who must become part of things.

Ninety percent of my book is made up of thoughts aimed at showing the importance of affection in a couple's relationship to obtain a better quality of life. These refer more to my knowledge based on experience rather than on my theoretical knowledge of psychology. Considering that I am a man, like any other, my observations on my experience probably will also be valid for you.

A man in love is secure, tender, attentive, and affectionate towards his partner. In fact, all men are, by nature and spontaneously, gentle with women. But difficult life conditions can damage the expression of this behavior, like for example, the lack of love experienced during childhood. Even if the majority of us did not receive all the love and affection necessary from our parents to be fully happy in life, it is possible to get back in touch with our true nature by making an effort. It is thus from this point of view that I wrote this book, because affection is essential to physical and psychological well-being.

This book is made up of three parts. The first covers the theoretic section, the second, the exercise section, and the third the conclusion. In the theoretic section, the goal is to define affection, to realize what can prevent us from being affectionate, and to identify what can help us become more affectionate. In the exercise section, the goal is to discover means which will help us give in to affection and manage physical abandon with our partner. In the conclusion, I will show that affection is the key to happiness.


This book is a the translation of my book in french "L'homme amoureux" made by Frieda M. Sewald.
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