Meet Miss Thighland!
The National Enquirer, 31 July 2001 page 89

Sujet: Belle et fière de l'être

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She's top Beauty queen in land where fat's where it's at.

The Miss Jumbo queen beauty pageant contestants strut their ample stuff for the judges - then this year's queen Scaraya Srimitr (far left) gets a peck from her predecessor.

I'm fat, O.K.? And I won! Yippee! I'm winner! Fat's Beautiful!"

Those are the jubilant words of the winner of the Miss Jumbo Queen Beauty Pageant - the only beauty contest in the world exclusively for fat women.

Contestants must be "at least 220 pounds but no more than 300," on judge told The Inquirer.

This year's winner, 5-foot-4, 224 pounds Scaraya Srimitr - "Fatso" or "Chubby" to her friends - is a lifelong butterball.

"I was a fat baby so I don't mind when people tease me about my weight", the 25-year-old full-figured beauty told The Inquirer. I'm extremely comfortable with being a nice person in a fat body.

Soraya said a nasty remark by pals motivated her.

"One day, I told them I dreamed of becoming a beauty queen. Later, I heard them whispering behind my back," recalled Soraya.

"They were saying, 'She'll never be a beauty queen - she's too fat.'

"I was so hurt I cried. But later I thought, 'I'll 'em!' at that moment, I decided to center the pageant."

Soraya beat out 19 other contestants and donned her crown in front of 2,000 people near her hometown of Bangkok, Thailand.

"Miss Jumbo Queen" is the contest's English-language name, but its Thai-language title translates as "Miss Elephant's Daughter."

Explained one of the judges: "In our country elephants are greatly respected and revered."

Soraya a dancer and soap opera actress on Thai TV, said her win has done wonders for her career.

But now her greatest hope is to be "an inspiration to other fat girls to get out there and do something with their lives. Fat girls should tell themselves, 'I'm just as smart as anyone else. If others don't accept me, it's their problem, not mine.' "

Soraya says her boyfriend has never criticized her girth. "He keeps nuzzling me and telling me how cuddly and sexy I am."

How does she keep her wining form? "My favorite dish is spaghetti carbonara made with extra cream, ham and cheese. I also adore ice cream and have a large scoop every day.

"At work, I'm almost always munching on chocolate candy. And most days I must have a cheesy, gooey pizza or a big juicy burger."

Shockingly, Soraya says she once went on diet and lost 25 pounds!

"I once ballooned to 250 pounds and felt a bit heavy and breathless. Now I feel perfect!"

Mon commentaire

Il n'est pas le seul concours de beauté pour les femmes rondes. Il y a Miss Ronde 2002. Ce type de concours existe aussi en Côte d'Ivoire.

Cette Soraya constitue un modèle à suivre. Car mieux vaut apprendre à vous apprécier physiquement tel que vous êtes que de vous rendre malheureuse à suivre des diètes dangereuses et inutiles.

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