Jury recruitment


The deadline to register as a judge is february 1, 2023

Requirements to become judges

1-Provide information to create your profile:

To be part of the judge list you must fill this information:

  • A picture of you, (optional)
  • Your first name, (name is optional)
  • Your age,
  • Your sex,
  • The place where you leave,
  • Your profession or work,
  • Your E-mail and, web site address
  • Write a text of presentation to explain why you think that THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ARE THOSE WHO ARE PLUMP
On my Email

The role of judges

Judges should make efforts (facebook, contact the media, etc.) to insist netsufers to make a donation to the candidate of their choice.

And also the judges will make their assessment according the criteria described on page "How the election will be done".

Toward the judges list

Make a donation

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