My second action to celebrate my 20 years of activism to promote the beauty of plump women
La marche de l'indifférence

The quest for recognition sit-in

I need affection

On Thursday, October 17, 2013 I will do a 10 hours sit-in. I will begin at 7:00 am until 5:00 pm in front of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa (111 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6).

I'll hold a sign where it will be written "I need affection".

My main goal is to denounce the attitude of indifference by Quebec society about the issue I stand for since 20 years.

I am a man fat activist and fat admiror.

I am the only one to be fat activist in the province of Quebec. The issue of fat activism is ignored and completely rejected there. This is the main reason I'am rejected by my society has human being.

Despite the fact that I have publicly expressed my moral suffering within twitter accompt, where I express my need of help, I send a SOS and they won't hear me, nobody paid attention, I'm asking for help nobody help me.

What is the democratie in Quebec when some human pain are ignored. In the society of Québec all the humaun pain have not the same statue. The origin of my moral suffering is not considered reasonable by the people in power.

It is not human to have to justify to be suffering. In a real democratie, all person have the right to express there opinion and all humain suffering is viewed with equal importance. The state in Quebec decides everything even the types of suffering that must be considered and those that must be ignored.

Quebec is a village. Nobody dares to expressed a different opinion for fear of being to look askance at.

Quebec is a dictatorship. You can not promote an opinion that does not receive government approval.

Quebec everything works with subsidies, arts, culture, television, film, community organizations, radio, newspapers, books, business, etc..

To obtain a subsidie you must think like the government wants you to think.

The state or the Quebec government has a control over the consciousness of its people.

This what makes Quebec a antisocials nation, with a sense of superiority, of self-centered, of narcissistic, to withdraw into themselves, of narrow-minded and of sheep follower. Dissidence is impossible.

Quebec is a totalitarian nation.

My hope

I hope one day the suffering of fat women are socially recognized in the same way that homosexuals are. If homosexuals suffer from homophobia fat women suffer from fatphobia.

The miserable situation of the chubby women in Quebec

Plump women are insulted (bashing) daily by their neighborhood and through the media in Quebec in total indifference.

Plump women in Quebec are literally terrified, they did not dare to go in public demand to be respected because they fear of being stoned with health issues.

This is due to the fact that anti-obesity speech is dominates the public space and is only speech considered credible by the traditionals medias.

Why do not we care about the suffering of plump women associated with their body image in Quebec? Why do not we care about the obsession with thinness, prejudice, contempt and bashing they are victims in Quebec?

This is due to the fact that the Quebec government has taken the position of the activists anti-obésity/junk food.

The government is imposing to all this dogmatic view of public health although this is very harmful to women.

Dictatorship linked to anti-obesity discourse in Quebec is demonstrated by the following examples

1- The Board of the status of women would have blocked the deal has done the government with the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation for the creation of a fund for the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Because this foundation uses this virtuous aim to impose anti-obesity discourse. War on the alleged obesity epidemic is a creation of the pharmaceutical industry to keep women's obsession with thinness.

La dictature de la charité

2- La fédération des femmes du Québec, because it receives subsidies from government, it must, in solidarity with anti-obesity discourse to ignore the suffering of fat women.

3- Equilibre organization, which aims to deal with body image, has not adopted the speech of fat activist because it is financed by the fund for the promotion of healthy lifestyles through Quebec en forme organization.

4- Quebec Coalition on Weight-Related Problems is a organissation who receive subsidies from government to do anti-obesity lobbying towards the government. The government do lobbying on itself in the way to justified there imposition of the anti-obesity speech.

5- The Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec which allows its members to take avanatage the war on obesity and obsession with thinness to find job or be sure to have a salary.

I made a formal request for recognition to the Minister of Status of Women in Quebec province Agnès Maltais and it was ignored.

On 13 September 2013 I made a formal request for public and social recognition of the plump women suffering to the Agnès Maltais Minister responsible for the Status of Women at her Constituency Office.

Explanation of the "I need affection"

I express my own pain associated with my need to be recognized and my need to receive affection.

I put my need in conjunction with the need for women to be recognized in their suffering and their need to receive affection.

If I succeeded in recognize my suffering, the plump women will also be and vice versa when the suffering of plump women will be recognized, mine will be too.

The need for affection and social recognition is one same thing. Being touched affectionately, is the purest form of social recognition. This gives us the feeling of being truly loved and that gives meaning to our existence or the feeling of having a place in this world.

Moral suffering of the chubby women is directly related to their need to receive affection. In other words, curvy women need to be reassured about their power of sex appeal to expect to be loved and receive affection.

Feeling rejected and despised because of her weight, reduces the expectation of women to be loved by a man one day.

Recognize moral suffering of the plump women means recognizing their need to receive affection and need to be loved.

Make you a T-shirt

The PDF file of the sign « I need affection » ready to transfert on T-shirt


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