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The foundation belles rondeurs was founded with the Charitable Statute (with nonlucrative) on June 16, 2006 in the town of Quebec with an aim of receiving funds from people and commercial companies to support the distribution throughout the world an artistic creation which will use plus size women. 

At purely philanthropic goals and without pecuniary profit intention for its members. 

The foundation belles rondeurs will financially support artistic creation and its creators in the domain of cinema, television soap, teleseries, theatre, song, music, dance, photography and fashion with; 

The foundation belles rondeurs will financially support the realization (production) of film, of TV shows and news, magazines, Web sites and books; 

The foundation belles rondeurs will financially support the distribution or the diffusion of films, teleseries, TV soaps, education services TV, variety shows TV, music/song (video clips), fashion, magazines, books and Web sites; 

who will integrate plus size women. 

In short, the foundation belles rondeurs will support an artistic production with the purpose to make it possible for young women to identified themselves with women who resemble to them physically. 

En d'autres mots, offrir des modèles de femmes au corps plus réaliste aux femmes.

Finally, an artistic and multi-media production which will put emphasis on the beauty of  female curves in the two languages: French and English. 

The objects do not allow however the subscribers or their having right to recover in some form that it is, the money which they will have give with the legal entity. 

In the event of liquidation of the legal entity or distribution of the possessions of the legal entity, the latter will be reserved for an organization carrying on a similar activity. 


The foundation belles rondeurs was created by Jose Breton to mark his ten years of presence on the Web and to reach its personal mission that it had given itself to the whole beginning of its steps in 1993, 13 years ago. He had the vision at this time that the only way to fight against the thinness obsession and the slimming industry is to make it possible to the women to be identified with significant women  models who resemble to them physically. These models are found among the women artists, actresses, singers, musicians, journalists, hosting and columnist 

The foundation belles rondeurs will benefit from the Internet high speed, generalized more and more, to diffuse creations of its future artists. 

The creation of such foundation is become necessary because of the artistic industry actual is hermetic place to any change. The producers are very strict on the body weight of the women artists whom they engage. The thinness constitutes for them a criterion more important than the real talent of the woman. Because the television and the cinema are strongly subsidized in Quebec (SODEC, Téléfilms Canada), we can say that the promotion of the idea that the thinness is the principal criterion of beauty for a woman is, to the same moment, subsidized by the governments. 

Logically the government should force the producers not to make discrimination when recruiting there actresses before granting a subsidy to it. The government is there to subsidize art not to maintain a philosophy to tell what is making the beauty of a woman. This discrimination at the time of recruitment of the actresses and singers has a harmful effect on the young women. That maintains thinness obsession and encourage to food disorders. 

The foundation belles rondeurs thus have a humane mission. It will contribute to the psychological wellbeing and the construction of good self-estim among young women. 

Le texte de ma présentation de mon mémoire pour la commission parlementaire portant sur ce sujet.

Manifestion à l'occasion du Gala Artist 2006

Activities of financing 

The beauty contest Miss plump Universnet is the first activity of financing of the foundation. Other activities will be organized like spectacles, conferences, soper benefit, etc 


The creation of documents will be done when the money which the foundation will have of available to give 

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You are invited to make a donation on line and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes The form to make a donation online will be placed soon. Using the service 

This is a fast presentation of the foundation belles rondeurs. This page will be improved with time. You can help me to structure  this foundation. 

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