The Editions de la Femme are proud to present Velvet Miss Round Universenet for 2001. She is from that time the one who are officially representing for 2000 the Most Beautiful Round Woman in the Entire World.

Les Éditions de la Femme est fière de vous présenter Velvet Miss Ronde Universnet pour 2001. Elle est dès lors celle qui représente officiellement pour l'année 2000 la Plus Belle Femme Ronde du Monde Entier.

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Age:  33
Height: 5'8" / 1.73m
Weight: 270 lbs/ 122 kg
Wear: size 3 or 4x depending on the designer
Location :American living in Paris,France, USA
Email :

Web site : Velvet damour Vol-up-2

Text of presentation:
So many reasons, where to begin? I love that my curves make me a more unique individual.I love that I stand out in a crowd.There are a zillion thin, or dying to be thin, beautys out there and I like setting myself apart as a voluptuous beauty. I love life and appreciate how fast it flys by, like sand in the palm of your hand, so I indulge in all the pleasures life has to offer with great vigor! One great pleasure is food, I enjoy it immensely and allow myself whatever it is I desire. I won't let society's fad of the moment dictate to me how I should live my life. All one needs to do is take a walk through any museum to see, that the state of ideal beauty is ever-changing; that in one decade we are revered, and in the next we are chastised.

What better proof then this to assure women we need only be true to ourselves? I like the softness of my very feminine physique. I like that there are rolls of flesh which can be held, that my skin is so soft, and that my stomach makes the ultimate pillow. I like that my presence cannot be denied. I like that people who would judge me solely on the basis of modern standards of beauty or social eschelon are turned off by me and that my curves weed out folks who would judge a person on such meager values. I like that I've had to develope a personality and sense of humor due to these curves and that these curves have made me a stronger individual in so many ways. Wow, I do believe I could go on forever!lol

Thank you for this opportunity.


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