Oprah : I'm out of control! She balloons to 257
The National Enquirer du 12 février 2002

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A tormented Oprah Winfrey, exhausted after 15 years of battling to control her weight, has given up dieting and ballooned to a staggering 257 pounds -even though she knows her massive weight gain could cost her life!

The 48-yeaar-old TV star is telling herself and her friends that she O.K. with being heavy, but deep down she's terrified her excess weight will destroy her health, sources say.

She's so overwhelmed by this inner conflict that she's turning to food for comfort - and that's just making things worse for the frustrated talk show host, who is the heaviest she's never been.

Oprah told a pal: " I'm out of control!" a friend told. The ENQUIRER, "She's just letting the pounds take over. She says she doesn't have the energy or will to fight anymore, and she's just letting her body find the weight it's most happy at.

"But she's never been this heavy. With her age and with early signs of heart disease, letting go like this is not good. Everyone is worried about her!"

Oprah won a major battle against her weight in 1988 when she lost over 60 pounds and brought her weight down to 130 pounds.

Through much of the 1990s, she carefully watched watched what she ate and exercised like an Olympic athlete, something working out on a treadmill for hours a day. But in the past few years, tired of constantly depriving herself, the 5-foot-7 star let her weight gradually creep up to 200 pounds - and now it's exploded to 257.

Her extra weight and fatty deposit that narrow her arteries put stress on her heart as it tries to pump blood through her body making her more susceptible to a stroke or heart attack with every added pound.

According to a top expert on heart disease, women who are extremely overweight and stay that way... - are playing Russian roulette with their health and their lives.

Such women are at far greater risk for series health problems, including diabetes high cholesterol, high blood pressure and deadly heart attacks and strokes ...

"Oprah's talked a lot over the years about each person having a weight they're supposed to be, and she decided she's supposed to be on the heavy side and there's nothing she can do about she can do about it," the friend said. "If she can't, weigh 130 pounds, she decided, maybe she'd be able to stay at 160 and happy.

"But she found that as she aged she had to exercise and diet as much to stay at 160 as she did to be 130 pounds a few years earlier. After thousands of miles on the treadmill and watching every little thing she ate, she's finally worn out.

"She said her constant struggle against her weight took on a life of its own. It was the last thing she woke up in the morning and it was the last she thought about when she went to bed at night. She felt like a prisoner of her weight battle - like that was all there was for her outside of work."

"The worst part is that she's fooling herself," a source close to Oprah show told the ENQUIRER. "Here is a woman who lost a huge amount of weight and KNOWS that she can lose weight, but is telling herself that she will always be fat.

"She's huge and people on the show are concerned about her. Oprah is playing mind games with herself - and with her health condition, they could be deadly games."

Agreed her friend: "There's more at stake this time than fitting into a size 10 dress. This time, the fight is for her life!"

Mon commentaire

Ce retour sur le cas d'Oprah, nous reconfirme, que l'objectif minceur est impossible à atteindre. Vous ne pouvez pas choisir un poids qui nous plairait d'avoir. Ce n'est pas vous qui décidé, c'est la nature qui décide quel poids corporel vous aurait. Il est inutile de lutter contre votre poids, car la nature est plus forte que vous. Vous ne gagnerez jamais. La sagesse des choses, vous suggère fortement d'apprendre à vivre avec le corps que vous avez et de l'apprécier tel qu'il est pour votre bien-être physique et mental.  

Si Oprah aurait pris la décision au départ de ne pas lutter avec avec son poids corporel, elle n'aurait pas engraissé autant. Elle n'aurait pas affaibli son organisme et serait en meilleure santé aujourd'hui. 

Ce qui est intéressant dans ce texte, cette fois-ci, c'est l'aspect moral qui ressort de manière caricaturale. Affirmer, qu'elle a supposément perdu le contrôle, constitue un jugement moral. Lui faire peur avec des maladies, à lesquelles elle pourrait faire face si elle ne reperd pas de poids, constitue une tentative de lui mettre de la pression en ce sens.

Ce n'est pas elle qui a perdu le contrôle sur elle-même, c'est les gens de l'industrie de l'amaigrissement qui a perdu le contrôle sur elle. Quand elle faisait diète par dessus diète, elle donnait le bon exemple aux autres femmes. En effet, depuis qu'elle a décidé de ne plus faire de diète, elle va encourager d'autres femmes de ne plus vouloir perdre du poids. Ce qui aura comme conséquence en une baisse des profits pour l'industrie de l'amaigrissement.

Ce journal à potins est complice avec l'industrie de l'amaigrissement. Ainsi, en faisant un texte qui semble destiné seulement pour Oprah, il est en fait une manière subtile d'envoyer un message à l'ensemble des femmes. Il envoi un message de menace à leurs lectrices de ne absolument pas faire comme Oprah, car elles aussi pourraient en mourir. Pourtant, arrêter de faire des diètes est loin de constituer un danger mortel.

Au contraire, la meilleure façon de demeurer en santé et de se sentir bien au jour le jour, c'est de ne pas se préoccuper de son poids corporel.

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