Bonus program


To take part, like competitor, in this beauty contest, you make an action to advance the cause of the valorization of the beauty of the female roundnesses. This programme of bonus of the candidates falls under this step to make advanced, a little further, this cause. The bonus means, for those which will take part in it, increase their chances to win the beauty contest by attracting the attention of the judges. The participation in the bonus program is judged on 10 point out of the 60 of the total. According to: originality, the quality of the realization and media impact obtained in case of. 


  • To give an example of what would be look like a culture where female roundness would be valueted;
  • To increase the interest of the public for the contest; 
  • To make a demonstration over the companies that this would be profitable for them to seduce plus size women by making publicity with plump women;
  • To make an activity so that the candidates have the chance to put forward themself;
  • To speak about the contest in their community.

Types of projects

1 Song/music

A- Send a piece of your singing talent in mp3 format 

B- Creation of a song topic for the Miss Plump 2024 beauty contest

How to participate?

1- One or more candidate will make known her talent of singer.

2- This one will record the vocal portion on her computer using a microphone connected on the audio « in » on her computer and with an edition audio software freeware like FlexiMusic Wave Editor  and thereafter this file will send it on the Email of that one who will make the mix with the music.

3- The lyric will be composed by the candidate who will sing, by another candidate who desire not to sing or by all people interested to do it. 

4. The music could be the creation of a musician who will propose to do itself. Or a choice made among the existing musics, by the candidate who proposes to sing herself, which will be remixed with the lyrics.

5 - We need a voluntary specialist in the audio and musical software.

6- The song will be distributed free on FTP site  

2 Photo publicity

Advertising section 

Because, my research in order to find a sponsor of importance was a total failure. And, obtaining a major sponsor is a strategic objective in order to obtain a respect towards the women who dress plus size clothes. Respect which does not exist in spite of the enormous buying power that represent this 2/3 of the female population (and of the men who love them). This exercise of style will be used to show that, advertising with plump women, it is feasible and necessary.

Example of a project of photo publicity starting from an existing publicity :

To take part in this section of this bonus program, the candidates will have to take picture of her in front of a white background, in same position and the same camera angle as the woman who is on the original publicity chosen by me (for the edition). To replace the thin one by a plump.


The original and the modified

Or starting from the creation of a publicity of a product with a name of fictitious name trade.

Take a picture of you to create a publicity of perfume, of shampoo, of clothing, of food or of domestic products , etc.

Examples : Shine1 et Shine 2


To take part of the bonus program this link related to :

Choose a publicity among the list that there is on this Web site.  Shoot a pictures of you in the same position as the woman on of this publicity whit a white back ground... as I explain below of this page on point 2.

3 Photo novel

The candidates will be solicited to send pictures of them especially snuff to remake a picture story.

4 Photo editorial/caricature

Take a picture of you with setting in scene to denounce the obsession of the thinness or to express a message pro-roundnesses, to laugh at the publicity of weight loss products, just for laugh, etc.

5 Video clip

The candidates will can made a film with her in a little scene of 30 second to 1 minutes using a numerical videocam or with a numerical camera which offers the video clip option . The videos clip will be available on a site ftp.

6 Gossiping 

The candidates are invited to auto gossiping them with pictures, to make share their adventures and a little about their private life during the duration of the contest.

7 Publics Relations 

The competitors are invited to make known the beauty contest in the media of the area where they live. Then let me known if you will have success in being interviewed (radio/television). To forward me the scan of the article of newspapers or magazine of you like a candidate for miss plump 2024 beauty contest.

To follow

My Email

8- Plump and proud to be:

Print this message on a T-Shirt and ask someone to take picture of you with it:

How to:

  • Download the file in format Adobe illustrator (.ai) or in format Meta fichier (.wmf) (for Word) 

  • Or the PDF file

  • Print this message on a sheet of paper (format letter US portrait)

  • Find a T-shirt

  • Go in photocopy center that offere the service of transfer on tissu, clothes

  • Put it in front

  • Wear it and ask a person take a picture of you with it

  • Send me the picture and I will add on your profil

9- Double contest of Hilda: 

To participate, you must choose one of the drawing that you can find in this two web sites : Duane Bryers peintre

Hilda pin-up by Duane Bryers and HILDA by Duane Bryers

Then, wear clothes and put you in the scene like you can see in the drawing that you have chosen in the way to take picture of you. The color of your hair are not important.

10- Take a picture of you with a clothe among  the T'Elle Qu'Elle collection  


Choose a cloth among the list following La collection de vetements sur mesure T'Elle Qu'Elle Send me your or measurements, then I will make clothing, I will send to you the cloth by the post office, wear it to you to be shoot by a photograph, you send me the pictures on my Email. It's free, you keep the cloth.

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