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Make a donation to the candidate of your choice.

The winner of this beauty contest will be mainly determined by the one who will accumulate the largest amount of donations.

On the profile page of each of the candidates, from 6 February 2024, there will be a donate button (Buy) paypal sent to their name. All candidates will receive money. In other words, the foundation belles rondeurs at the end of the contest, all candidates will receive their amount of money that they will accumulate from their donation button (Buy) paypal.

To demonstrate to the whole world that curvy women are the most beautiful donate to the candidate of your choice.

More, there will have people who will make a donation, the greater this will impress the traditionals medias.

This will force them to pay attention to our community. It will be taken more seriously and credible. We acquire more recognition and respect.

More the award to give the winner will be great, this will demonstrate that the plus size women community is huge.

About donations

The amount of money to give is fixed at 5.00$. One donation by person and by email address.

There is a list of donors. If you decide to be identified, you can write by email your web address (facebook, twiter, blog, etc..).

If not, by default, at your donation will be mentioned: "Donation by an anonymous donor.".

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Make a donation

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