Objectives of this beauty contest


In 1997, at the beginning of this beauty contest, the objective was to encourage plump women consider themselves beautiful and attractive.

In 2020, the PLUS size women have taken their place on the Internet, in beauty pageants, fashion parades and fashion weeks. Magazines concerning them have multiplied. Today, it is an established fact: a large number of plump women have chosen to find beautiful themselves. The beauty of curvy women has been celebrated all around the world.

We no longer have to make efforts to convince women to find themselves beautiful with their curves.


The goal is to create an event to convince the traditionals medias to recognize the importance of social movement connected to PLUS size women.


The concept is to use the money to get recognition, respect and consideration. In other words, to give the greatest amount of money as possible to the contest winner. The money will be obtained by asking the population. Thus, it demonstrated the huge interest that generates PLUS size women in the general population.

Advantages for candidates

1-Make a personal growth activity.

2-An application that can be seen as a dynamic and evolving portfolio for the one who seeks to become known as plus size model.

3-This competition due to his seniority it is well referenced by search engines and known by the online community surrounding the plus size women.

4-All candidates have the chance to receive money by donations.

5-By becoming a candidate you will participate in the movement of affirmation of plus size women.

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