How to become candidate

To participate in the Miss Plump 2024 contest you must :

1-Participation requirements you must meet

  • You must have 18 years old minimum.
  • You must have a minimum BMI value of 25
    Body mass index is defined as the individual's body weight divided by the square of his or her height. The formulae is kg/m2.;
  • You must have a fat belly, women with flat and firm belly are excluded from the contest;

2-Provide information to create your profile

  • Send an e-mail with your photos included by attachment file
  • 10 pictures maximum and you can change one picture by another at anytime
  • The photos must be recent.
  • 2 photos minimum mandatory one headshot and one full foot see below

Pictures of poor quality, the selfies, vulgar and tasteless will be refused:

In the same E-mail write the following :

  • Your first name (Name is optional)
  • Your age
  • Your height
  • By your choice : your weight, your measurements or/and the size of your clothes
  • City / country where you reside
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your web site address (if you have one)
  • A text of presentation to explain why your love your curves
  • The names of persons who are part of your production team (photographer, makeup artist, dresser, artistic advisor, etc.)
  • Create a list of volunteers(fans) to help you grow your popularity (new)
Optional information:

  • You can create a facebook page dedicated to your participation in this beauty contest from your facebook account.
  • The color of your eyes:
  • The color of your hair:
  • Your astrological sign:
  • Your favorite dish:
  • Your favorite music style:
  • Your favorite hobby:
Click here to submit your information to my E-mail address.

3-Free there no registration fee

4-To receive donations, candidates can do:

They may request the people.

They may also find sponsors. These must give them a donation through their personal profile page, to obtain a banner to be placed on it.

Toward de rules

Toward de rules

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